Feral Cat Shelter

Easy to Make Feral Cat Shelter

dca242074df99445611543514c101e3dThis shelter is very effective and incredibly easy to make. It uses a 30 gallon plastic tote with lid (such as a Rubbermaid tote) and styrofoam. You can buy large pieces of styrofoam insulation and cut them to size or use a simple styrofoam cooler to assemble this. Then simply add straw to help keep them warm.

Download the plans in PDF form here.


  1. Line the bottom with 1) thick layer of newspaper,  2)straw bedding or fleece blankets.
  2. Do not use cotton; it absorbs moisture, makes cat wet and cold.
  3. Camouflage is good, so paint the shelter to match the environment, brown and green are good colors.
  4. Best to elevate the kitty house on 2 x 4’s or pallet.
  5. Styrofoam boxes can usually be found at medical facilities.

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