SNYP Clinic

Meet the Team
About SNYPMeet Dr. Mike

SNYP Board of Directors

Sally Mackler

Vice President
Monica Trocker

Jesse Hanwit

Vicki Chamberlain

Members at Large

  • Dale Bush, DVM
  • Bev Eaton
  • Katie Haugse
  • Win Kellerman
  • Dee Perez
  • Midge Raymond
  • John Yunker



SNYP advisory board

These honored advisory board members bring years of expertise to our organization. Their in-depth knowledge of both human and animal welfare issues help SNYP grow using best practices established on a national level.

  • Steve Poet, DVM, Ph.D. of Best Friends Animal Hospital in East Medford
  • Becky Robinson, National Director of Alley Cat Allies
  • Kelly Peterson, Humane Society of the U.S., Oregon Senior State Director
  • Kelsie Plummer, Dept. of Humane Services –Self-Benefit Eligibility Specialist


  • Managing veterinarian: Dale Bush, DVM
  • Michael Maynard, DVM
  • Office manager/lead technician: Sabrina Sandoval

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