Helping community (feral) cats

SNYP provides services for trapping, neutering and returning feral (wild) cats to their home territories. This practice is commonly referred to as Trap-Neuter-Return. TNR has been found to be the most effective, humane and long-term method of feral cat population control. Not only does it stop the growth of the colony, it helps eliminates many undesirable behaviors such as spraying, yowling, wandering and littering. TNR makes feral cats better neighbors.


How to schedule your feral appointment:

  • The SNYP Spay/Neuter Clinic dedicates two days per month to feral surgeries.
  • Call our clinic at 541-858-3325 to schedule feral appointments. If you are leaving a message state you are calling about ferals. Our feral coordinator will contact you directly.
  • SNYP can loan you traps.
  • Instructions to the successful and humane capture of your cat:
  • All feral cats must have scheduled appointments. We understand you may not be successful capturing the cat(s) but appointments are required. If you follow our trapping instructions carefully your capture success rate will improve dramatically.
  • All ferals must arrive for their appointments in traps.
  • When arriving at the clinic on the day of our appointment leave all cats in your vehicle until you have checked in.


Fees and treatments:

Feral package: $25

Includes the spay or neuter surgery, distemper (FVRCP combo) vaccination, antibiotic injection, flea treatment, a tattoo at the incision site, and a mandatory ear tip. Sutures do not need to be removed.

Please note that feral cats will not receive a physical exam prior to surgery to determine fitness for receiving anesthesia.

Cats that appear to be suffering from life-threatening conditions that cannot be safely treated, as determined by the veterinarian, will be humanely euthanized.


Trapping and care instructions

Please follow the instructions in the link below carefully to humanely capture and care for the cats before and after surgery.

Trap-Neuter-Return resources

Helpful videos below provided by Alley Cat Allies.

How to trap

More information and videos to further educate you about feral cats, the trapping process, taming kittens, and more available on the Alley Cat Allies website.

National feral cat resources



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