pay/Neuter Services for owned cats

Regrettably, we are unable to schedule appointments for dogs at this time.


Cat Spay $81
Cat Neuter $64

Cat Wellness Package For the health of your pet, SNYP provides the following additional packaged services at the time of surgery. You can also elect to purchase these individual services a la carte.  A la carte prices are below. These services are only available with spay/neuter procedure.

Package includes: rabies and distemper vaccinations and microchip

Feral (wild) cat servicesVisit our Community Cats page for feral services. 

A La Carte Wellness Services

Available only during surgery appointments

Cat Distemper
Cat Rabies


Cat flea treatment
Cat ear mite treatment
Microchip – provides a safe return if your cat gets lost $29
Nail trim $7
Tapeworm medication $19
E collar $13
Cardboard cat carrier $11

All surgeries include:

Hospitalization for the day, pre-surgical exam, anesthesia, surgery, recovery, and post-operative pain medications.  Oral pain medication will be sent home with your cat.

All patients will receive a small tattoo near their surgical incision site.  For more information see our FAQs page.

Over and above:

There may be additional charges if your pet is pregnant or is significantly obese. Umbilical hernia repair can also be performed at the time of spay/neuter surgery for an additional charge.

Pet safety:

CATS: For the safety of your pet and clinic staff, all cats are required to be brought to the clinic in a carrier. We strongly recommend a hard plastic carrier as opposed to cardboard or fabric. Cats coming in unsafe carriers will be sent home in a cardboard carrier or one of our carriers for which there will be a charge.

Spay It Forward

Spay It Forward funds go toward helping limited-income families afford to spay/neuter their pets and to the SNYP Community Cat Fund. Please consider rounding up your bill or donating at the time of service to contribute to the SNYP Assistance and Community Cat spay/neuter funds.


SNYP offers financial assistance for need-based clients based on funding availability.

Please visit our Financial Aid page for more information.


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