Saving lives through prevention.

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Every year hundreds of thousands of animals are born in the spring with no home to go to. Help stop the cycle, get your pets fixed now.

Why spay/neuter

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Pet Overpopulation is the number one killer of dogs and cats in the United States. In Jackson County cat overpopulation continues to be a huge ongoing problem.

What your donation does

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For SNYP 1+1 doesn’t equal 2.  It equals countless litters if we don’t get to them in time.  When you donate to SNYP you’re not only helping one animal, you’re saving countless lives the most humane way – through prevention.

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Our neighborhood has too many feral cats. SNYP to the rescue! Spay Neuter Your Pet lends traps to set for catching all these cats. (more…)

SNYP to the rescue! SNYP to the rescue!