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Pre-Opening Support

Help Prepare

Get our clinic ready

NOW – Opening

There are all sorts of support activities we need help with. From tracking down our wish list items to hunting for the best deals in town!  If you are a super shopper or champion discount dealmaker we’d love to meet you.

In the coming months, we’ll be installing cabinetry and medical equipment, unpacking the supplies and getting the clinic ready.

If you are a party planner or the ultimate baker we have an open house calling your name.

Operational Support

Support Clinic Best Practices

Help keep the clinic running smoothly

Once the clinic is open

A low-cost spay/neuter clinic can only stay in business if we provide high-quality care at a high-volume. That means we need volunteer support in the mornings during check-in and in the afternoons during pick-up.

If you are interested in supporting the veterinary technicians throughout the day we’ll be happy to train you.  We’ll need monitors while the animals recuperate, and help with quick turn-around procedures.  Our clinic will be using best practices for a low-cost, high-volume, high-quality clinic. There’s lots to learn and it’s a fascinating opportunity for someone who might want to go into veterinary medicine.

TNR Support

Join our Community Cats Team


Once the clinic is open

One of our key initiatives is to increase the number of community cats we fix. Our goal is to increase our mini-fix-a-thons to once a month and work toward a once a week mini-fix-a-thon.

Presently, SNYP provides services for trapping, neutering and returning feral cats to their home territories. This practice is commonly referred to as Trap-Neuter-Return. TNR has been found to be the most effective, humane and long-term method of feral cat population control. Not only does it stop the growth of the colony, but it also eliminates many undesirable behaviors such as spraying, yowling, wandering and littering. TNR makes community cats better neighbors and healthier colonies.

TNR volunteers are a special group of dedicated people.  We welcome anyone who would like to find out more about working the mini-fix-a-thons or becoming part of our trapping team.

Promotion Support

Speak Up

Spread the Word

Always and ongoing

If you are interested in helping get the clinic connected with the community we have an opportunity for you. Every corner of the four-county area needs to know about our new services.  Whether you live in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath or Siskiyou county we’d love to meet you!

Wish List and In-Kind Opportunities

All sorts of everyday items are needed.