Meet our poster boy!

This young male feral won’t be doing any catting around or littering. He is one of the last of his colony to be trapped, neutered and returned to his home territory where he is cared for.

All the feral cats who go through our program are neutered, treated for parasites, receive antibiotic injection and distemper vaccine. They are all ear tipped, meaning the very tip of the right ear is removed with a straight cut to permanently mark them as fixed. This is done so the trapper can identify which cats are already fixed, and so that if the cat lands at a shelter or veterinarian they know the cat is fixed. We do all this at a big loss for $25 because our mission is to reduce the suffering associated with being born unwanted, and no population is more deserving or more in need of help than wild feral cats who have lost their trust of people. Thanks to donations we are able to continue providing these services to ferals.