SNYP Programs

Assistance Program

SNYP helps members of our community who otherwise cannot afford to have their pets spayed or neutered through our subsidized spay/neuter assistance program. Through careful review we determine if pet owners need basic low-cost information or partial subsidizing. Just call our SNYP help line at 541-858-3325 and one of our phone volunteers will call you with more information. The SNYP need-based subsidy program is made possible through the participation of a number of dedicated veterinary offices in the Rogue Valley who provide their services to SNYP's need-based clientele at discount prices - thus reducing the amount of funding needed by SNYP to subsidize each surgery.

Seasonal Campaigns

SNYP organizes special seasonal spay/neuter campaigns that the entire Jackson County community can take advantage of. Click for more info on Seasonal Campaigns.

Fix-It Ticket Program

This program helps those kind individuals who rescue stray and abandoned cats. The Fix-It Tickets provide discounted spay/neuter fees for stray or abandoned tame cats. The special Fix-It tickets are subsidized by SNYP. The participating vet offices are listed on the back of the tickets. Call our help line at 541-858-3325 for more information.

Feral Cat Program

SNYP Works with Feral Cat caregivers to trap-neuter-release feral (wild) cats. Whenever possible the animals are tamed and adopted. Call our help line at 541-858-3325 for more information.

SAV Program

SNYP works with caseworkers from human assistance organizations such as OnTrack, ACCESS and the Healthy Start Program and refers those clients needing our help. We contact the clients directly and get them a Special Assistance Voucher to cover the costs of neutering their animals. Please call our help line at 541-858-3325 if you know of an assistance organization that may be interested in our services.

What is a feral cat and why do we help them?

Feral cats are the 'wild' offspring of domestic cats and are primarily the result of pet owners' abandonment or failure to spay and neuter their animals, allowing them to breed uncontrolled. Feral cat 'colonies' can be found behind shopping areas or businesses, in alleys, parks, abandoned buildings, and rural areas. Feral cats are elusive and do not trust humans.

Many people assume their animals will survive when they move away and leave them behind. Contrary to popular belief, domestic animals do not automatically return to their "natural"instincts and cannot fend for themselves! Already, U.S. animal shelters are forced to kill an estimated 15 million homeless cats and dogs annually. The alternative to humane euthanasia for almost every stray is a violent end or slow, painful death. Many "throwaways" die mercilessly outdoors from starvation, disease, abuse --- or as food to a predator.

A pair of breeding cats, which can have two or more litters per year, can exponentially produce 420,000 offspring over a seven-year period, and the overpopulation problem carries a hefty price tag. On average, it costs $100 for animal control to catch, house, feed and eventually euthanize one animal.* With the large population of cats, this number quickly escalates.

Trap-neuter-release programs are a promising alternative to solving the overpopulation problem.

Studies have proven that trap-neuter-release is the single most successful method of stabilizing and maintaining healthy feral cat colonies with the least possible cost to local governments and residents, while providing the best life for the animals themselves.

Spaying/neutering homeless cats:

* $100 estimate obtained from the Oregon Feral Cat Coalition

** Information obtained from the San Diego Feral Cat Coalition

For more information about feral cats please check out these web sites: - The Feral Cat Coalition of San Diego, California - one of the best information sites out there about feral cats. - Alley Cat Allies, another great Feral Cat info site. - Not be to confused with the Feral Cat Coalition of San Diego, this is the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon website.  It has good info and other Oregon animal welfare organization links.

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