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Veterinary partners

Veterinary partners

Thank the veterinary clinics!


The success of SNYP’s programs is dependent solely on the generous participation of veterinary offices throughout southern Oregon. We appreciate their willingness to offer reduced rates on spaying and neutering through our assistance and special time-limited seasonal campaigns.


SNYP programs would not be possible
without local veterinary support.


Participating clinics


Note: the veterinary offices listed below participate in one or more SNYP programs.


Not every clinic listed below participates in every program. A current listing of veterinary clinics participating in a specific program or campaign is listed on the back of the voucher or certificate you will receive for that specific program or campaign.


“A” Street Animal Clinic – Ashland

All Creatures Animal Hospital – Eagle Point

Animal Medical Hospital – Ashland

Ashland Veterinary Hospital

Best Friends Animal Hospital –  East Medford

Best Friends Talent Animal Hospital – Talent

West Main Animal Hospital – Medford

Crater Animal Clinic – Central Point

Cedarview Veterinary Hospital – Grants Pass

VCA Jackson Animal Hospital – Medford

Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital – Jacksonville

Lakeway Veterinary Hospital – Medford

Medford Animal Hospital – Medford

Mountain View Veterinary Clinic – Central Point

Rogue River Veterinary Hospital – Rogue River

Roxy Ann Veterinary Hospital – Central Point

Siskiyou Veterinary Hospital – Medford


Please thank the participating veterinarians
and clinic staff when using our services.