Saving lives through prevention.

Seasonal campaigns

Seasonal campaigns

Encouraging spay/neuter during high breeding seasons

SNYP has created seasonal discount campaigns to help curb the damage done during peak breeding seasons in the spring and fall. By providing these seasonal discount spay/neuter certificates SNYP helps motivate the public to get their pets spayed or neutered now – before their pets go into heat and produce unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. These special offerings are available to anyone in Jackson County, Oregon.

To make the campaigns as convenient as possible, the special discount certificates are sold at local pet supply stores throughout Jackson County. The special spay/neuter certificates are redeemable at any of the many participating veterinary offices listed on the back the certificates.

SNYP seasonal campaigns are available to anyone living in Jackson County, Oregon.


February :: Prevent a Litter campaign

Spring time is the heaviest breeding season of the year, that’s why shelters across the country join together to help curb the pet overpopulation explosion.

Through our partnership with local veterinary offices SNYP’s February Prevent a Litter campaign offers spay/neuter discount certificates for both dogs and cats. Each January we post current pricing for this annual campaign on this website and our FaceBook page.


July :: $10 a Tom campaign

Unaltered male cats are always ready, willing, and able. That’s why SNYP offers our July program in an effort to encourage the neutering of male cats. An active male cat can be responsible for hundreds of offspring per year. For just $10 you can prevent the birth of thousands of kittens and keep your male cat healthier! Reduce spraying, cat fights, injuries, and most of all…save lives! Every June we post the current year’s details for this annual campaign on this website and our FaceBook page.


October :: Tom & Mom campaign

Our October Tom & Mom program is similar to our February campaign with the exception that it focuses only on cats. We organize this campaign in October due to the large number of female kittens that were  born in the spring and are now coming into heat. Every September we post the current year’s details for this annual campaign on this website and our FaceBook page.



The success of SNYP’s programs is dependent solely on the generous participation of the Rogue Valley’s veterinary offices. We appreciate their willingness to offer reduced rates on spaying and neutering through our assistance and special, time limited seasonal campaigns. Our programs would not be possible without local veterinarians support.

Please thank the participating veterinarians and clinic staff when using our services.