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Cat programs

Cat programs

Assistance Program

SNYP helps members of our community who otherwise cannot  afford to have their pets spayed or neutered through our subsidized spay/neuter assistance program. Through careful review we determine if pet owners need basic low-cost information or partial subsidizing.

The SNYP need-based subsidy program is made possible through the participation of a number of dedicated veterinary offices in the Rogue Valley who provide their services to SNYP’s need-based clientele at discount prices – thus reducing the amount of funding needed by  SNYP to subsidize each surgery. Please thank the veterinary clinics for their participation and support if you end up using this program.

To access the SNYP Assistance Program:

Call the SNYP help line at 541-858-3325

and leave your phone number and best time to call you.

One of our phone counselors will call to discuss your individual needs.

Speaking directly to clients helps us determine how we can help you best.


Fix-It Ticket Program

This program helps those kind individuals who rescue  stray and abandoned cats. The Fix-It Tickets  provide discounted  spay/neuter fees for stray or abandoned tame cats.  MORE>>


Feral Cat Program

SNYP Works with Feral Cat caregivers to trap-neuter-return feral (wild) cats. Whenever possible the animals are tamed and adopted. MORE >>


Seasonal Campaigns

SNYP’s seasonal campaigns are created to help curb the damage done during peak breeding seasons in the spring and fall, by offering special discounts to residents of Jackson County, Oregon.

Providing discount spay/neuter certificates helps motivate the public to get their pets spayed or neutered now – before their pets go into heat and produce unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. MORE >>


The success of SNYP’s programs is dependent solely on the generous participation of the Rogue Valley’s veterinary offices. We appreciate their willingness to offer reduced rates on spaying and neutering through our assistance and special, time limited seasonal campaigns. Our programs would not be possible without local veterinarians support.

Please thank the participating veterinarians and clinic staff when using our services.