Saving lives through prevention.



How often do you get to say “I helped save a few hundred lives today?

… By donating to SNYP you do!

For SNYP 1+1 doesn’t equal 2.  It equals countless litters if we don’t get to them in time.

When you donate to SNYP you’re not only helping one animal, you’re saving countless lives the most humane way – through prevention.

If you are considering a year-end donation for tax purposes, please consider donating to SNYP today – on GIVING TUESDAY. 


GIVING TUESDAY is a national campaign started at this time of year to provide you with an easy to do your year-end giving and provide a unique and creative gift idea for your friends and loved ones. Why not donate to worthy organizations as a gift for someone? Giving support feels great for you and the person you dedicate the gift to!