SNYP welcomes Dale Bush, DVM to our advisory board.  Dr. Bush brings decades of experience in both veterinary expertise and local animal issues. Dr. Bush is also a strong supporter of SNYP programs including our annual Feral Fixathon which has been hosted at Best Friends Animal Hospital in Talent for over 10 years.  Welcome Dr. Bush!



Meet our advisory board

These honored advisory board members bring years of expertise to our organization. Their in-depth knowledge of both human and animal welfare issues help SNYP grow using best practices established on a national level.

  • Dale Bush, DVM (Retired, Best Friends Animal Hospital, Talent)
  • Steve Poet, DVM, PhD of Best Friends Animal Hospital in East Medford
  • Becky Robinson, National Director of Alley Cat Allies
  • Scott Beckstead, Humane Society of the U.S., Senior State Director for Oregon
  • Peri Henandez, Jackson County’s Department of Human Services


Featured image:  Dr. Bush worked non-stop throughout our recent Feral Fix-a-thon .  More about the SNYP TNR/Feral program.